Veteran owned and operated

Terms and Conditions

All terms below are effective to all customers signing up January 1, 2021 and later. If these terms are not in the agreement you signed with Forever Blue, contact us to update your agreement.

Regular maintenance visits will include:

  • Clear skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash filter and inspect pool equipment
  • Vacuum pool
  • Skim debris from surface
  • Brush walls and steps as needed
  • Check water chemistry and adjust
  • Secure access gate or door


Forever Blue pricing is based on 4-week months. In the summer and spring, there are 4 months that have 5 weeks. Instead of charging extra those months, we flex the time back on Thanksgiving Week and Christmas Week. Those are the only two weeks that we flex back all in the same week. Those are also the only two weeks our staff has off throughout the year. This means your pool will not be serviced on these two weeks.

The other two flex weeks generally get consumed for various reasons like; HOA closed for holiday, tropical storm or hurricane, construction blocking the roadway, owner request no service.

The FOREVERBLUE Difference

Forever Blue does hereby agree to carry all necessary insurances including but not limited to: Liability, Property Damage, and Workers’ compensation.

Maintaining your pool with Forever Blue is more than just Cleaning and Chemicals. Your Monthly rate also includes the following:

Our Technicians are specialized. Our Maintenance Technicians clean your pool/maintain water chemistry and our Service Technicians perform repairs and installations. You will not have a jack of all trades that MIGHT know what they are doing. You will have the right licensed and certified Technician for the job.

Filter and salt cell services O-rings, seals, clamps, and waste hoses that need replaced over time. 

Forever Blue is a warranty center for the 3 main manufacturers of pool equipment such as your filter, pump, heater and so forth. We provide and handle any and all warranty claims even if the equipment was previously installed by another company.

Access to our network of trusted providers to handle any and all issues with your pool. We also have a network of service contractors in other industries that we have grown to trust, such as landscaping, cleaning, pressure washing.

A relationship with Forever Blue leaves you with peace of mind! We will handle everything and let you know if something needs replaced.

Expenses not included in your monthly service charge: Equipment Repairs and New equipment installation, stain removal, calcium removal

Forever Blue is not responsible for the following:

Maintaining proper water levels or equipment failure due to low water levels. Forever Blue can ONLY assist in adding water to the pool if there is a water timer on the hose or an autofill.

Keeping all trees, plants and shrubs trimmed back from the pool
Lost animals (securing gates is our responsibility and we take it seriously)

Service visits or chemicals added to the pool, due to biomatter issues such as vomit, feces, or landscaping shall be billed at time of emergency service.

Forever Blue does not require a contract and our service may be stopped at any time by the customer or Forever Blue. A 30-day notice is appreciated.