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Tile Cleaning

Forever Blue will clean & restore the shine and beauty of your swimming pool tiles.

We restore swimming pool tile, water features, and fountains to their original beauty & color.

How can I schedule my cleaning?
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Experience You Can Trust

Mike, our blasting expert, has cleaned over a mile of tile. His attention to detail produces beautiful results, and his depth of understanding maintains Forever Blue’s standard of excellence. Mike’s knowledge of the Mohs scale of mineral hardness allows him to choose the right medium for your tile or stone. His goal is to remove the build-up without damaging the surface of your tile or stone. You will not be disappointed!

How does it work?

We will drop the water level down just below the tile, then we remove the calcium build-up and hard water stain with a system that uses a media. The media we use is ph neutral and safe. It’s safe for your plants and pets around your pool, so safe it doesn’t mess up your pool water chemistry. Best of all you can swim right after we are done! After the tile is clean we vacuum up the media and filter it out of your pool water. All of this is done in an afternoon without damaging your beautiful pool tile!